The story of Sleepytroll

From one parent to another

"Being a parent is one of the best feelings in the world. But we all know it can sometimes be exhausting. You baby is the cutest thing alive when he or she is awake and happy, but when nap time comes around, it is an endless battle. Or at least it was like that for me with my third son. My hope is that other tired parents (and babies) can get the same support from Sleepytroll that I did. Silas is now 10, but the solution to his sleep difficulties is still helping thousands of people around the world. And that makes me so happy. Here’s to great sleep!"

Ståle Flataker - Founder

The beginning

When little Silas arrived on New Year's Eve in 2015, Ståle Flataker and his wife looked forward to cherished moments with their new baby. However, they soon encountered a challenge: Silas would only sleep if he was rocked, strolled, or driven around. It became an endless routine of walks and car rides, day and night.

The idea

In the quest for a solution that could help both the parents and little Silas, Ståle grew increasingly desperate. Surely it should be possible to get the stroller to rock itself? Traditional tricks didn't work, and he was constantly worn out. Yet, in the midst of this struggle, a spark of innovation lit up.

The solution

Months of brainstorming followed, and with a bit of help from Ståle's brother-in-law, the prototype of what would later become the Sleepytroll emerged. Not only did the prototype work wonders on Silas, but its impact extended to the entire family. Ståle now had more quality time for his older sons, and a hot cup of coffee never tasted so good!


The Sleepytroll

Out and about, the prototype caught the curious eyes of fellow parents. Their interest prompted Ståle to think beyond his family's solution and consider the broader impact. Partnering with an award-winning industrial design enterprise, he embarked on a journey to make Sleepytroll accessible to all. In 2019, after three years of development and testing, Sleepytroll was ready for its market debut!

And so, Sleepytroll, born out of a father's determination and a baby's need for comfort, became more than just a solution for Silas. It evolved into a game-changer, rewriting the bedtime stories of parents everywhere. The rest, as they say, is history!


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